Barangay Bambang Outreach Program

October 2, 2023

Pasig City, August 9, 2023 – On a Wednesday afternoon, the heart of Barangay Bambang in Pasig City was brimming with compassion and camaraderie as an outreach program, aligned with the celebration of National Heroes Month, brought together community leaders, sponsors from private companies, and volunteers to uplift more than 80 families in need. 

Organized by Elite Headhunting Incorporated with their sponsors Stellar 167 Manpower Recruitment & Services Incorporated, Anytime Cleaners, White House Automotive, Kenji Takoyaki and Cosmeti Group International Corporation, and in collaboration with Pasig LGU and NGO Make it Happen, the event celebrated the modern heroes of today – Street Sweepers, Health Workers, Senior Officers, Pasig Health Aids and Pasig Women’s Club. 

The heart of Barangay Bambang witnessed a heartening event that exemplified the spirit of giving back to the community. The outreach program, carefully curated to coincide with National Heroes Month, paid homage to the heroes in our midst – the program saluted the modern heroes who selflessly serve the community as street sweepers and health workers. 

Kenji Takoyaki and Cosmeti Group International Corporation demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility by stepping in as sponsors, contributing both resources and care to the event. This support was instrumental in ensuring the program’s success and uplifting the lives of the recipients. 


The event’s schedule was thoughtfully crafted to balance appreciation, recognition, and enjoyment. It commenced with a heartfelt opening prayer led by Mr. Bryan Cruz, Marketing Specialist from Elite Headhunting Incorporated setting a tone of reverence and unity. This was followed by impactful speech from Mr. Dexter Gonzales, Chief Operating Officer of Elite Headhunting Incorporated. The platform was also graced by words from the sponsors themselves. Mr. Elden Malate, Owner of Kenji Takoyaki, and the Human Resources Director of Cosmeti Group of Companies, Mr. John Felmor Urizza, shared their sentiments and commitment to making a positive difference. Beyond speeches, the event provided a delightful escape with engaging games that resonated with the spirit of togetherness. 

Guiding the proceedings with grace and enthusiasm was the affable host, Mr. David Umoltog, who ensured a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. The sponsors further extended their kindness by distributing 80 packs of grocery items and snacks, ensuring not only sustenance but also moments of delight. 


The program wasn’t just about providing essential supplies; it was about fostering joy and camaraderie. The recipients were treated to engaging games that brought smiles to faces, creating cherished memories within the community. As the sun set on August 9, 2023, Barangay Bambang basked in the glow of unity and kindness. The outreach program stands as a testament to the incredible impact that can be achieved when a community bands together to support one another. 


The event’s legacy will undoubtedly continue, inspiring future acts of compassion and spreading the message that every act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a world of difference.