Executive Search and headhunting
Many companies struggle in finding the best fit candidate for their vacancies; Elite Headhunting offers the solution. Our company specializes in searching for “hard-to-fill” positions. We cater to all types of industry. We are using cutting-edge technology and a smart outsourcing process to ensure the quality of the candidates. This comes along with talent acquisitions who are experienced in handling offshore and onshore accounts.


In-house training and workshop
A set of training can be provided by our company before doing endorsement, to guarantee a certain qualification and carefully select the candidate’s capability for the position. Customized by the client’s business process for the candidates to be operations-ready.


HR process & audit
Well-trained individuals will handle all the assessments of each candidate, minimizing the client’s effort by providing a summary of candidates who are most fit for the client’s qualifications. Providing ease and a simple hiring process for client satisfaction.

Customer service
Informative personnel is assigned 24/7 to answer questions and concerns regarding the partnership process or status updates of the accounts.



Nationwide reach
Part of the company’s wide-range service is our nationwide reach. We established 11 branches in the whole country with executive personnel managing and ready to accommodate our partners.


Background investigation
The legitimacy of the candidate’s information is very critical for the qualification. Our team will render an inspection on each data that is indicated. Doing this will minimize the chances of tampering with information, waste of time, and effort from both ends.